Hi, I'm Amy Colley!

specialized in providing behavior Support for asd parents.


I have spent close to 20 years working with families who feel stigmatized and unsupported cope with their unique needs and high levels of physical and emotional demands. It is my sincere desire to let you know that you are heard and seen!

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About Me

Here to Help You Realize

Your Full Potential

I am an educator with expertise in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). During the pandemic, I used my knowledge to start a small business to support parents of children up to the age of 18 living with ASD.

I’m also a mother that is passionate about educating and supporting neurodivergent families.

With a degree in Special Care Counseling, for nearly two decades, I worked as an educator and observed the ongoing difficulties families face to find balance, as well as the gaps in resources designed to support them.

In the midst of the pandemic, when resources were restricted or unavailable, I witnessed firsthand the strain placed on families with children with unique needs and little to no support system. Parents were forced to take care of others before themselves, often neglecting themselves entirely creating feelings of depletion. 

By seeing parents in this situation, it motivated me to pursue my interest in offering parent coaching.

I strongly believe by providing you with tools and strategies, you can realize your child’s full potential which will lead to peace and harmony within your family.

Amy’s Approach

Self Reflection and Global Overview

Raising a neurodiverse child comes with a unique set of challenges. Resentment, loneliness, and depression are all symptoms of distress. You must be aware of it, think about it, and let it go in order to be free of any helicopter parenting and overcompensation.

I will inquire about the nature of the issues that brought you to me during our initial session, including any relationship or family issues, emotional distress symptoms, or both. In addition, I will inquire about your general life circumstances, family composition, and everyday activities.

I want to pay close attention to your short-term goals during our strategy meetings, not just as a parent but also in addition to that. What goals and desires do you have?

With compassion acting as your coach, you will be encouraged to express yourself verbally and emotionally in a welcoming and judgment-free setting.

Goal Setting and Implementation

Together, we’ll identify your child’s targeted behavior and your desired result, set an aim, and create an efficient action plan.

What I Can Do For You.

my services

I provide parents with support in dealing with their emotions of helplessness, isolation and exhaustion, and assist them in changing their thinking .

With my online sessions, I aim to empower burnt out, isolated parents with tools and strategies to reduce their child’s anxiety in challenging environments.

We will learn what triggers these behaviors and how to address them effectively. 

You will learn concrete steps toward mastering effective discipline with your child in each session.

Autism  Essentials Package

 This package focuses on providing parents with the fundamental knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the challenges of raising an autistic child.

Services Included:

  • Initial assessment of your child’s needs and strengths.
  • Four one-hour one-on-one consultation sessions with an experienced autism specialist.
  • Personalized strategies and recommendations for your child’s unique needs.
  • Email support for questions and concerns.

All sessions are held virtually


support Package

This package is designed to help parents understand and manage challenging behaviors commonly seen in autistic children.

Services Included:

  • Initial behavior assessment for your child.
  • Eight one-hour consultation sessions with an
  • Development of a personalized behavior management plan.
  • Practical strategies for addressing specific behaviors (e.g., meltdowns, sensory sensitivities).
  • Weekly check-ins to track progress and make adjustments.

All sessions are held virtually

Group Workshops

(Online or in person)

Parents of autistic children interact, learn, and gain confidence.

Learn or refine abilities in a welcoming and accepting environment.

Participants will discover how to encourage positive and appropriate communication in your child via self-reflection, observation, and learning.

This 6 hour workshop is available 1 hour a week with a maximum of 5 participants.


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Montreal, Quebec